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How We Can Turn Our Vitrol Around: I Invite You to Do Something Positive

Enough. Either Trump or Hillary are going to be president. That is a stone cold fact. Stop the ripping the candidates to shreds, as we only hurt ourselves and our children to continue. In doing so, it becomes part of the problem. Then people only complain more. The frenzy and the fear whips up and sanity can't prevail under those circumstances. Do you realize you HURT YOURSELF this way? I am a person of action. I challenge y'all this morning to splash some cold water on yourself or whomever you know who fits this bill and turn it around. Because you can, in this minute. Yep. No excuses. You have total control over everything you do and say and choose, and every single moment gives you that power. USE IT WISELY. 
Think past your emotions of the moment. Ask yourself: How do I want to lead my life? What kind of example do I want to be? What legacy do I want to leave? 
It all starts with NOW. 
If you don't act positively, history shows (with this term being 10x worse), whomever gets in will then endure 4 years of being unable to accomplish much anything, let alone HEAL the problems that affect us all. And this election, the country will only divide more, unraveling much those who went before us fought to achieve. Make no mistake: There IS the potential to heal things if we would lead the way by taking a healing path ourselves. 
Imagine if all who are so outraged with this election actually take that same time and energy to instead fuel POSITIVE ACTION. Think of something GOOD you can do, and there are many, and challenge yourself to WORK in the next four years to change policy, term limits, campaign finance, two party system, health care, the school system or whatever you believe in. Do it in your neighborhood, locally or nationally. IT ALL CAN TURN THE TIDE. Do not underestimate how powerful you can be in making things better in your world. And THAT is the answer. 
I want to be part of the solution. I will not whine. I will not bash. I will not sit home and not vote, or unfriend people. I have already done and will continue to do something to CHANGE things and/or SUPPORT what IS working. That's how I am answering this utter nightmare. And I invite you to join me. STARTING RIGHT THIS MINUTE. Because if even half of us did their part to turn it around, we will not be asking "Is this the best our country can produce?" or "How did we get here?" in four more years. It's up to YOU AND ME. Not later, but right now. Especially right now, 10 days before the vote.
So what can you do in the next 10 days? It's the weekend, you have an hour of time to devote certainly. How can you use it for good? It's up to you. Do something to HELP.

Here's a few suggestions:
1. Post this blog on your wall, or say it in your own words. Call your friends to action. Post a POSITIVE action challenge on your wall. Tweet it, put it out on Instagram, blog about it.

2. Google "How do I make Calls for (your candidate). I tis very easy to get a small call list, and their little script. You can make 2 calls in a window during lunch, or spend hours doing it. Call in the battle ground states if you can.

3. GOOGLE your ballot today, and actually read each thing you will be voting on. I confess I have only done cursory reading and once in the booth am not confident enough. I promise you, voting on your local officials and bills will make a great difference, and work it's way up to the national stage.

4. VOTE VOTE VOTE, as in this rollercoaster race in particular, it ain't over till it's over and your vote absolutely matters. If you just can't vote for a presidential candidate, then definitely still vote right down your ticket - because there IS balance built into our system, and whomever gets in.

5. Talk a friend off the ledge. Give them hope with solid statements that you know are true. 

6. Seek more to understand someone with a difference of opinion, rather than judge. The fact that we CAN express differences is what makes America great. 
Any of the above would create a sorely needed shift and I am a firm believer in the ripple effect. And more important, the biggest challenge is to not go back to sleep once the election is over. 

What are your suggestions?  


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