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Take a Moment

On this anniversary eve of 9/11.

Yesterday I was deep in grief. It came on suddenly, surprised me. I have all kinds of reasons, but I want to say first that it was not a dreadful thing. Grief happens because we are ALIVE and feeling deeply, because we love and realize that we have this moment, and everything in it.

Somehow, if you stand still and get that, you can become overwhelmed by so many feelings: gratitude, joy, wonder, mystery, humility, and bittersweet sorrow.

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I wanted to get this candle up in time for the surgery of three friends, a wellness vigil for the others who are getting diagnosed or starting up treatment, to honor those who lost their lives on 9/11 and those that loved them, for those who were displaced by the hurricanes and may be by the next one, for all the troops (not just ours but ALL of them), for the politicians who I hope can stay clear on why the are running and what they really stand for, and for all those who are so blessed as to be i…