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Last Summer Day for the Beach Desk

I heard the ocean crashing when I stepped outside today and saw how sunny it was, and how blue the sky. We're expecting torrential rain tomorrow, clouds for the next 7 days, hitting a high of only 55 on Friday, and very heavy waves through Saturday. By then it will be days into October.  I work for myself and have a home and a yard that I keep pretty much on my own, so there are always 10 things I could do in any given moment to move life forward (though sometimes it feels more like struggling just to maintain). My to do lists are long (like yours). And though I have been mentally moving into fall, I sent the first draft of a writing assignment, then decided, though I was actually pumped to purge basement boxes (rare), that it would likely be my last day to go to the beach in a bathing suit. So I made the executive decision to prioritize --and got out there! Rather than just walk across the street, I did it right - grabbed a chair and a stocked beach bag, donned a straw hat, sung…

Memories of Danny Thomas's House in Beverly Hills

Smiling through melancholy this morning as I look at THE LINK for the sale of Uncle Danny and Aunt Rosie's home. When I was about 9 or so, we went to Los Angeles on a "last family trip" before my sister Joannah was heading off to college. There's lots I've forgotten in life, but this was entirely memorable.

The priest on Uncle Danny's movie lot, Father Pat, took us on the set of several TV shows to watch them film. Through him we got complete entree to the hottest shows, which I didn't realize at the time, including Star Trek (the They Stole Spock's Brain ep) and the closed set of a new one called MOD SQUAD (a big secret they were sure was going to be a hit). WHAT KITCH! HIt DisneyLand for the first time (took about a decade to stop hearing the theme song from It's a Small Small World in my head every day - not in a good way), did the 13 Mile Drive through Monterey and Carmel (where I first discovered Monterey Jack cheese and lay in the back of t…