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The Case for Facebook

Whatever you feel about Facebook, we all pretty much agree the great thing about it is birthdays - the long line of well wishes posted by people from all corners of your life both close and far. It's an unadulterated love bomb, and most write how happily overwhelmed they are to be on the receiving end.

Yesterday I realized that Facebook also becomes a place to share and process our shock and grief. And in doing so brings us all closer and makes it so much easier to bear.

I woke early to the first five posts in my feed saying words my bleary fog hadn't cleared enough to grok: RIP David Bowie. It might be because I have a lot of friends in music and the arts, but as the world woke up, my entire feed became full of Bowie posts - an outpouring of disbelief from people feeling just like me.
That turned to a linear process across the board: surprising stories of personal interactions and his influence, to posting his songs and photos, to reflections on our own lives, how we are spe…