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Thoughts On Gift Giving For the Bah Humbuggers

For those who bah humbug the commercialism of the season, THIS VIDEO is how I view gift giving. 
A thoughtful way to CONNECT -- beautiful for the giver, and the receiver. You have been thinking of them, specifically, and out of your love and care for them, you search for - or make -the thing they might like, need or delight in. And you give it. It does not have to cost anything.  You hope for a smile, a laugh, that it's useful or good for them. Sometimes it brings a tear too. Because there is a wonderful, powerful creation of meaning and feeling between two people from the gesture. Receive with grace. Give with grace. Allow it to be about the OPPORTUNITY for LOVE.  This is a time of year where there is much joy to be had simply by letting the kid in you enjoy the freaking lights, and bows and the candy, even if it's just in the CVS aisle. As we close a year together, reflect back for lessons and memories, and if it's been very very hard, take comfort that there is a fresh…