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How We Can Turn Our Vitrol Around: I Invite You to Do Something Positive

Enough. Either Trump or Hillary are going to be president. That is a stone cold fact. Stop the ripping the candidates to shreds, as we only hurt ourselves and our children to continue. In doing so, it becomes part of the problem. Then people only complain more. The frenzy and the fear whips up and sanity can't prevail under those circumstances. Do you realize you HURT YOURSELF this way? I am a person of action. I challenge y'all this morning to splash some cold water on yourself or whomever you know who fits this bill and turn it around. Because you can, in this minute. Yep. No excuses. You have total control over everything you do and say and choose, and every single moment gives you that power. USE IT WISELY.  Think past your emotions of the moment. Ask yourself: How do I want to lead my life? What kind of example do I want to be? What legacy do I want to leave?  It all starts with NOW.  If you don't act positively, history shows (with this term being 10x worse), whomev…

Dissolving Cynicism

Topic for discussion: I've been teased repeatedly by someone who actually was among the first to support a cause I have given a lot of my time to. Always little zings about what gain there is for me, or expressing a little judgement if not puzzlement that someone would sacrifice some personal things to do it. I finally "teased" back, asking, "Is it so strange that someone might do something just because it seems the right thing to do?" I saw the realization sink in. I wonder and worry about the effect what has been growing with this toxic election in our faces every day. It has brought out so much divisiveness, not just with what may have been able to once be contained to "Them" but thanks to social media, is obviously between friends, family and neighbors. And we are all hurting from it. That can come out in subtle ways, like not believing without suspicion when you see good being done. Speaking for myself it's personally imperative that…

Eulogy for Albert Joseph

Editors Note: The italics are an intro, the eulogy itself is below the photos.

Sunday, March 30, 2008  

In the early hours of Saturday, March 22, my father passed away, at home, in his own bed, from natural causes. He was not struggling. He didn't cry out or look scared. We didn't know it would be his last day.

He had looked a little more lackluster earlier that evening as my sister was visiting him at our house. Yet his vitals were normal, so he was put to bed. By 3:00 AM his caregivers said he was breathing heavily, so they propped him up on his pillows hoping to create some relief. His pulse was good at 69... And yet, he took one big breath and then, no more. 

Don't we all wish to go under our own roof,  free of wires and tubes! For that much, and that he is no longer in the state that he had been in, I'm very grateful.

Photo by Joannah Merriman

For the previous five years he'd suffered from a multitude of conditions that happen to the body when it gets old. In the fi…