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Don't Wait

Prince's death one year ago today, along with Bowie's and the passing of Adam Roth, my dear dear friend of 38+ years, is a big reason why I don't wait anymore. I dive in. I'm open. I'm ready for all the good in life: to give and receive it. And I give freely.

I love people, I listen, I'm present, say what's true and work to accept what's happening (including when it doesn't come back to me in kind) because... it's what's really happening. As a result, I lay my head down at night in peace, and I am happy.

Let me tell you: that's POWERFUL.

And.... so simple.

Time waits for no one. This shift takes nothing but the willingness. I invite you. Make this your moment. To stop suffering, wrestling, struggling, doubting. Now. Not later, not after work, not in the next few months, not when you retire, or lose weight, have a X dollars in the bank. We may not have that time.

Take the leap.
Go ahead, risk it.
Regrets can be cleared up in one kind act, a note, a conversation!
Forgive yourself - and expect to be imperfect.


Let go of fear, and hurt that others caused-- now. That's really all it takes. I've been run over by both - plenty. Flattened in fact.  But if you haven't gotten hurt you're not in the game! Letting anything rob you of a new path and the rewards and pleasures the Universe has put right in front of you is letting those fears and hurts and your former acts win.

Instead, let love and good win.

Get on IT, whatever it is, right now. Your heart will open, your mood will stabilize and energize -  and while daily life will have the same challenges and decisions, it will be like a veil has been pulled aside. You'll embrace what's right in front of you, in every moment. And you'll marvel at how much is there.

There's a world in every raindrop...

It truly is just that simple. As all of life's secrets are.

Say YES.  Right Now.


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